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Philanthropic Efforts

My goal is to leave a big mark on the community through my outreach initiatives within my athletic career. Through work done in partnership with charitable organizations and philanthropic projects, I have been able to provide much needed resources for individuals and families.

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Youth Football Camp

With this initiative, my goal is to promote athletic opportunities for children in need all over the globe. Easy access to equipment and facilities for the youth around the world can empower them with the ability to pursue their dreams, and develop a fun and healthy hobby that improves the quality of their lives.

Meet & Greet

From playing in front of hundreds in high school, to thousands in college; I’ve always saw little kids get left disappointed because they were unable to get a picture or an autograph from their favorite player. My goal is to always be in arm reach of my fans, this way I can provide aspire to inspire the next great student athlete.

Community Engagement

My foundation and partners are dedicated to supporting individuals going through difficult times and living in dire circumstances. We want to make a positive and lasting impact on their lives, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to make a real difference. Whether it is someone from my own community or another, those in need deserve the help and support.

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